Terms of Use

PTU Terms of Use

Here are the terms of use for All Dolled Up! kits:

Kits are for personal use only and may not be use for commercial purposes of any kind!

You may not do the following things:
  • Claim as your own.
  • Share through links, email or file sharing sites.
  • Resell or create new kits.
  • Make freebie kits/clusters or sell for profit of any kind.
What you can do:
  • Resize or recolor the elements or papers to suit your needs.
  • Mix with other All Dolled Up! kits.
  • Create tutorials, blog layouts and such.

If there is a tube in a kit and you use it as a tube meaning the main thing in your design you must credit the designer. If you are using it as an element meaning that you are using it with another licensed tube you do not have to credit it.

Except in the case of Sherri Baldy, who must be credited as follows:
©Sherri Baldy - http://sherribaldy.blogspot.ca/
unless being used with another tube. then the other tube would receive credit.

For Angelica S. works, please credit her as follows: ©Angelica S. no url is required.



If using my items for Personal Use for tags graphics ***Please note it is MANDATORY to include ©MediEvilCreations or ©Medi on any finish products you create AND MUST BE LEGIBLE if you use it as the main tube. This includes Brag Books and Quick Pages.

  • Digital Stamp creations for personal or commercial use are strictly forbidden.
  • You MAY animate my products for personal use ONLY
  • You MAY NOT resell personal use tags or animations.
  • If a URL is required please use http://medievilcreations.blogspot.com/

For Arthur Crowe and team:

Tubes are not to be resold. They are to be used in a kit of at least 50 elements and 10 papers or otherwise it's just an element pack. Please use the proper artist copyright with the store URL for credits. So credits would look like this ©ArtistName https://store.alldolledupstore.com/ (ADU License number). You are now required to have a license, please contact Brenda Krug at Customer Service to obtain one.


You would use their license number and store url, if sold through PFD.

For ©Julia Fox

Tubes are not to be resold. They can be included in a kit of of 50 or more elements and 6 papers, otherwise just oversized element pack. Can be used as a stand alone tube for personal use in things such as a tag or timeline set proper credit must be given and should look like this:
©Julia Fox https://store.alldolledupstore.com/ (your license Number)
You must obtain a license number for All Dolled Up! Customer Service alldolledjb@gmail.com

For Autism Awareness posers

You must credit as follows:
© Krissy's Imaging - http://www.krissysscraps.blogspot.com/
See separate TOU

Please respect our terms of service and the terms of service of the designers of the products that were used to create these kits.

If you have any questions please, please email us at:

When creating tutorials or blog layouts credit is not required but appreciated. Please link back to our blog at:

Credit is not required for timeline sets, forum sets, or tags but is always appreciated.

Thank you for purchasing and downloading our kits.

We reserve the right to update this at any time!